My Prayer…

……Lord, I have to have peace in my heart and my head and my life and a solid foundation that I know will be there for the balance of the time you leave me here..I don’t like the way it is… I’ve been saying God all I know is that I don’t know…I keep on trying to do it right and it keeps being wrong..I keep reading your word Lord and I find peace there in your word….. I go to Church and hear it preached by men that are working for you God and they tell me that your able to make it right but it’s not ……truthful men are called liars now God and liars and thieves are held  up as heros and people are fighting wars over who is right about what they believe and who owns what and who has a right to do what…..we change our minds to change our lives and we change or lives to change our minds…… People think there is power in what we accumulate and that more is better and that less is for those who don’t deserve more……..people who are close to you turn their backs on you and people believe the worst of each other…….and we don’t help each other anymore …we all care Lord but we care less and less about others and more about us….. We aren’t interested in our neighbors plight anymore because we are to busy in our own…it’s wrong to do right and right to do wrong …. I don’t like it and I want to see it change God and I can’t even change me…….I surrender ……. I absolutely surrender ……. I won’t spend another day calling anything mine because it’s
not ….. I’ve tried to make it right and I can’t ….. It’s bigger than I am Lord…nothing is mine…… I know it. So today right now I am giving it all to you…….help me let you keep it please make my heart honest with me and you about it all. It’s yours God. It’s yours…..


The answer……. 

I’m no Prophet and and not a Saint and I am not sure that I know the answer…. So share this if you like, unfriend me if you want to,  think what you want to of me and what I am saying and do whatever you want to about it because with just a very few exceptions it’s of little consequence to ME anyway. That’s Brash isn’t it? Isn’t it true though ?   The truth is that everyone forms  their openioms based on what they think.  There is the  answer to the first question being asked over and over now   “what is wrong with this world” ….it’s what we THINK that is wrong with this world.  What we think leads to what we believe and what we believe is causing the erosion of THIS WORLD…..every nano second all the way down to the tiniest molecule and to infinity….. The point the universe stops and  THE GOD of ALL begins.  Everything is in a constant state of decay on every level based on our thinking and belief.  

Before anyone points and says that I am denouncing Christ and Christianity that is not at all the truth. What I am saying is the truth and the only truth and nobody falls outside of one fact or  has in at least 2000 years on this planet.  None of us KNOW…yet we are all positive that we are right because of what we think.   Humanity as a whole is in denial… Ask someone how they are…. Most anyone and they are going to tell you a lie, do it… how are you?   Allrigbt, GOOD, GREAT, doing perfect, couldn’t be much better…. Aren’t r all of those really lies? 

Why don’t we tell the truth?  Why isn’t our answer ……..Bleased beyond measure, Thankful, HURTING , struggling, Prayerful, seeking GOD,needing help badly, wondering or even I don’t KNOW? Almost without exception anyone you ask will LIE…I don’t know anyone who is alright. 

The saddest part of what is wrong is absent KNOWING the very best of humanity THINK they are RIGHT….in order for the BEST of us to be right everyone that is not the best, everyone that doesn’t think what we do …. Exactly what we do has to be Wrong…. We are killing each other…. Sometimes with a gun sometimes with words it’s mostly the same…. Except a gunshot is quicker and hurts less I would THINK…..Why are we hard wired to change or extinguish what is wrong? Understanding that some things that people THINK lead to things being done that are in fact ….DO WE KNOW? 

Why do we all look past ourselves and our thoughts and actions and the impact they have? All of us are wrong if not about everything certainly about some things and we all minimize our wrongs and amplify other people’s.  That is what is wrong with the world. All of the WRONG based on what we think.  In the absence of KNOWING and all of us thinking WE KNOW don’t we make the wrong? Because we are right making everyone that doesn’t think our thoughts WRONG…..isn’t that why  there is no humanity, no compassion, no empathy for the  pain and suffering of others because of what we think we know.  Each of us being right making others wrong has taken the world to a sad place in time…..We don’t rebuild our neighbors barn anymore because we are sure he would not rebuild ours….. Humans are not HUMANE and it’s evident in the fact we put the ones with the most information and experience to actually guide us in what we do away for OUR convienance before they become OUR PROBLEM and that is OUR PROBLEM….isn’t it?  It’s what “we think”

God HELP US ALL and if you read this and thought “not me”…….YOU REALLY better THINK…… If you TRULY LOVE and your right and good and perfect… If your the one that knows your right   WE are going to NAIL YOU TO A CROSS! 

Is there an answer?  Yes there is…… 
Stop THINKING your right and START really LOVING those Who are WRONG even those who are REALLY WRONG…..why? If we stop being so right doesn’t that stop them from  being so wrong… LOVE . is the answer. Not thinking, not being right,not things not money not  religion…..THE ANSWER IS LOVE…. 

HEY You….yes you…… You that just thought ….man….. HE IS SOOOOOO. WRONG…….GOD IS LOVE!


If the dreamer has no dream and the schemer can not scheme….. When the spaceman has no space and the racetrack has no race ….. If the hopeful lose their hope and the dopers have no dope ……. If every day is rain and  true Love just ends in  pain…if the earth should cease to turn and we all begin to burn……your still not alone… Gods still on the throne.. 

You Keep it and Loose……

Keep it and loose…

Hurt is just one thought away …the sun don’t shine on every day….. You make your life by what you choose by what you keep and what you loose….. Loose your pride or let it stay ?Did It serve you anyway? To hurt and hate?….or chose to love? Live like a vulture or a dove . Love …let go or hold on on ……. Let it go or be alone …… lifes pain is real for all to know ….. Keep it ….hold it ….or let it go…. Love to live or live to die …
Love the truth the love , or love the lie….

Brent 2014


Just time……

It’s a universal truth that time just continues on… Time does stop while you smile and with time that smile always fades… Time doesn’t stop when you mourn and with time that mourning will start to cease and you smile again and in time ………


Self Control – oxymoron perhaps? Exploring thoughtsp…

Who of us really has self control?

Is self control something that we exercise really?

Maybe it is that box that we try to put ourselves in to contain our real feelings?

Is it a strong person who suppresses their own will?
Or is self control that of a weak mind,bound by superstition and what has been handed them as the social norm and excepted nice things to do?

Are we really supposed to live to please and serve …be kind to make others happy….even when they have no real interest in our well being?

Maybe our primary duty is really to ourselves just as the animal inside us demands when put in live or die situations when manners and childhood teachings go away?

What is self control and is it sane or insane to try to practice it? Maybe that is the word. Practice…. That implies it’s never perfected in a twisted way …doesn’t it ?

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